Nisha DeSousa
Influenced by people in the advertising world, she stepped out and started what's called my venture into advertising. Her enormous anticipation and wait for doing good acts is tremendous.
She started out in the year 2009.
Nestled in believing the importance of getting her book out led her entering the Indian and the Middle East market globally.
Started out as a trainee in Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai led her to an art internship at McCann Erickson, Mumbai.
She then moved to Percept Gulf in Dubai and started out her venture. On the way she came across many competitions which drove her though creating illustrious ads for many brands. A steady connotation of why's to unravel drove her to entering the field of advertising.
Believing in her instincts to create wonders and win a few awards is what drives her off and on.
Today she combines her passion for photography as a photographer and her art direction skills to combine this fusion for her living.
Derived from passion, class apart from the rest and a healthy rapport with the colleagues drives her to where she stands today.

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  • Nisha De'Sousa
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  • +91 9833321533
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